I am very excited to announce that we have a new guest blogger at rickychadha.com. Stacey Green will be sharing some of her health and wellness tips here! Here is a little bio on Stacey:

Stacey Green has been interested in healthy living for as long as she can remember but it was only after the birth of her son that she really started to take it seriously. What are we eating? What are our kids eating? What goes into the products we use everyday? After reading many, many labels (with a dictionary in hand) she decided there must be a way to navigate all the information out there without a science degree! Low and behold – staceygreenliving was born.

Her hopes for her site are simple: to help people/families/friends/neighbours/dogs/iguanas/whatever achieve their best life. It is possible to have live a healthylifestyle that does not drain your time or wallet and doesn’t require you to eat grass for dinner!! (However, if she comes across a recipe for a delicious grass soup you will be the first to know!!)

Stacey is a wellness coach, adventurer, teacher and is currently completing her studies in Registered Holistic Nutrition. She is the mother of a crazy yet beautiful 3 year old boy.

Please be sure to visit Stacey’s blog at www.staceygreenliving.com. She can also be found and Twitter and Facebook.

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