June’s Toronto Real Estate Market figures are out.

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The downtown Toronto Condo market continued to see gains with the average sales price increasing 11 percent to $489,322. Inventory remained fairly steady when compared to the same period last year.Market-Snapshot-Downtown-July-2014-FNL-WEB

East Toronto continues is growth at a steady pace. Prices were up 8.5 percent, while listing remained stable when compared with June 2013. It is still a seller’s market, as demand outweighs supply.Market-Snapshot-East-Toronto-July-2014-FNL-WEB

Midtown average prices are still above the million mark, up 5.3 percent year-over-year. Supply was up though, bringing the market into a better balance for sellers and buyers.Market-Snapshot-Midtown-July-2014-FNL-WEB

West Toronto saw an increase in average prices of 4.7 percent. The number of new listing increased by over 300 year-over-year.Market-Snapshot-West-Toronto-July-2014-FNL-WEB

The Beaches are still one of the hottest markets in the city. Sales were up 7.1 percent at an average price of $736,551. Supply remained almost exactly even compared to June 2013.Market-Snapshot-TheBeaches-July-2014-FNL-WEB

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