October Toronto Real Estate Market figures are out. Click on your neighbourhood of interest for a detailed summary: Downtown | East Toronto | West Toronto | Midtown | The Beach(es)

The downtown Toronto Condo market saw a significant increase of 5.1 percent year-over-year. The number of new listings and sales also saw an increase over October 2013.


East Toronto continues to increase. Prices were up 9.8 percent, bringing the average sale price in October to $560,673. The number of new listings and sales remained steady with October 2013.Market-Snapshot-East-Toronto-November-2014-FNL-WEB

Midtown average prices are still continuing to increase above the million mark, up 9.4 percent year-over-year. Supply and demand also increased over the same period last year.Market-Snapshot-Midtown-November-2014-FNL-WEB

West Toronto saw an increase in average prices in-line with the rest of the city – up 7.2 percent. The number of sales and new listings had a healthy increase year-over-year.Market-Snapshot-West-Toronto-November-2014-FNL-WEB

Sales prices in the Beaches remained steady over October 2013. Market-Snapshot-TheBeaches-November-2014-FNL-WEB

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