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I wanted to post on the topic of rising interest rates last week. Like many, I’m processing yet another rate hike. Trying to make sense of this unprecedented time in the economy during the past few decades. In my 13+ years as a real estate broker, we haven’t seen so many back-to-back interest rate hikes in such a short span of time ?

That being said, I wasn’t simply going to give advice for the sake of content and without having a proper understanding of what is going on. So, I decided to solicit the help of an expert, mortgage professional Mike Pacey (@mikemortgages) to help shed some light on the mortgage market. In this video, Mike breaks down the effect of the recent changes, and provides some insight on what the future might hold ?

We hope this video is useful and provides some value. Please hit me up if there are any future topics you’d like me to cover ?